Chicken a la King

  Chicken a la King is not an original Filipino recipe, but Filipinos have adapted it and made it their own.  This delectable chicken filling is usually placed atop toasted bread and served as a snack to guests or as an appetizer at celebrations.  Mmm, sarap!         Ingredients (Maghanda Muna) 2 T. […]


Longganisang Hubad

“Naked” Pork Sausage Longganisa is the quintessential Filipino breakfast food.  This Filipino recipe is a combination of everything Filipinos love…. a hint of sweet and spicy with the savory goodness of garlic.  This longganisa recipe is cooked “hubad”, that is, without the sausage casing.  Serve with fried egg and garlic rice.  Wow, ang sarap!   […]


Puto with Bisquick

Steamed Rice Cakes Puto is a traditional Filipino rice cake steamed to soft perfection.  Below Filipino recipe uses Bisquick mix instead of rice, but the results are still addictively delicious!  Masarap pa rin! Ingredients (Maghanda Muna) 2 1/3 c. Bisquick 3/4 c. white sugar 1 c. whole milk 3 large eggs Let’s Get Cookin!  (Luto […]


Bibingka with Bisquick

Coconut Milk Cake Bibingka is a sweet cake that is usually made with coconut milk and rice flour.  Bibingka’s  toasted surface  gives it a uniquely smoky and sweet flavor.  Topped with sugar, butter and grated coconut, this cake is a favorite served during the Christmas season.  The Filipino recipe below uses ready-made Bisquick mix for a quick yet […]


Pork Afritada

Pork in Tomato Sauce This Filipino recipe is a robust stew with hearty potatoes and sweet bellpeppers.  Afritada is a long-time tradition in Filipino homes, and is a staple in the everyday family menu.  The tomato sauce flavored with vinegar makes this Filipino recipe the standard in comfort food.  Masarap!           […]